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Remat Al-Riyadh Development Company and solutions by stc Alliance launch Smart Public Parking Project in Riyadh


Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (January 24, 2024): Remat Al-Riyadh Development Company, the development arm of Riyadh region Municipality and the strategic enabler for private sector participation, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Solutions by stc to enhance Riyadh’s urban landscape by transforming parking operations across the city. solutions by stc, a leading provider of digital transformation services in the Kingdom, is spearheading a local and global alliance with one of the world's largest parking operators. Together, they aim to embark on a groundbreaking initiative to establish, manage, operate, and maintain public parking facilities in Riyadh, marking the initial phase of the city's ambitious contract for public parking.

This visionary project, sealed at the Riyadh Municipality, encompasses an impressive 24,000 parking spaces along public and commercial streets, in addition to 140,000 managed parking spots nestled within residential neighborhoods. This strategic initiative is designed to curtail indiscriminate parking on residential streets and busy commercial arteries, ensuring the convenience of residents, improved traffic flow and a reduction in haphazard parking across the city. The partnership includes an array of services encompassing the control and management of these parking facilities, ensuring the highest standards of security and safety. Leveraging the latest digital technologies and global best practices, the project is set to elevate the overall urban experience for residents and visitors, and promote smart city elements through modern technologies and robust infrastructure.

His Highness Prince Dr. Faisal bin Abdulaziz bin Ayyaf, Mayor of the Riyadh Region Chairman of the Board of Directors of Remat Al-Riyadh Development Company, expressed, "This milestone aligns seamlessly with Riyadh Municipality's strategy through its development arm, Remat Al-Riyadh Development Company. It signifies a paradigm shift in the organization and management of vehicular parking in key locations, thereby minimizing arbitrary street parking and safeguarding the tranquility of our residential neighborhoods. It will elevate Riyadh's urban aesthetics, improving the quality of life and flow of traffic for residents and visitors across the Riyadh region."

Mr. Abdullah bin Sulaiman Abudawood, CEO of Remat Al-Riyadh Development Company, explained the contract is the initial phase of a comprehensive and strategic endeavor, which aims to regulate public parking in Riyadh. The municipality's strategy encompasses infrastructure enhancements for public parking, including the construction of new parking facilities, improved sidewalks, and pedestrian pathways. He emphasized that this project exemplifies Remat Al-Riyadh Development Company's dedication to sustainable development and transformative municipal services in Riyadh, aimed at enhancing the social and developmental impact of its projects within the city.

Eng. Omar Al-Nomani, CEO of solutions by stc, welcomed the partnership, stating, "This contract marks a historic moment for solutions by stc and the stc group. It represents a pioneering collaboration between the public and private sectors, embodying a transformative business model. Our alliance with Remat Al-Riyadh paves the way for an expanded business scope and the opportunity to modernize public services. We are committed to delivering the most cutting-edge, smart, and operational solutions for Riyadh's parking facilities, underpinned by a global partnership with one of the world's leading parking operators."

The implementation of smart public parking management systems, incorporating modern technology, intelligent sensors, and mobile applications, will analyze usage patterns and occupancy rates, facilitating future infrastructure planning and the formulation of operational and usage policies. Anticipated benefits include reduced haphazard street parking, smoother traffic flow, and relief from congestion, ultimately enhancing Riyadh's urban aesthetics and reducing carbon emissions, resulting in an improved quality of life for its residents and visitors.